MAPFRE Foundation , has been developing all kinds of activities for more than forty years related to Social Action, Culture, Health Promotion, Prevention and Safety Road and Insurance and Social Welfare at a global level, with the sole objective of improving conditions of people's lives.

Our Volunteer Program channels, supports and supports those socially responsible companies that choose us as a collaborator to implement and develop their corporate volunteering programs. We combine efforts and resources to promote solidarity among its stakeholders so that they have opportunities at their disposal to contribute their time, effort and dedication to the welfare and improvement of the conditions of society in general. All our volunteer activities are framed in five lines of actionNutrition, Education, Health, Environment and Emergency Aidto which is added a sixth classification that groups those actions that affect and impact more than one line of action and that we call Share Solidarity. The six become the guides of a program that today make each and every one of the change agents that make it their own.


Any person who is employed or belongs to one of the interest groups of the companies that adhere to our program.

Each volunteer must subscribe with the Foundation an agreement of incorporation, to formalize the relationship with the volunteer entity.

In Spain, volunteers who have a criminal record that has not been canceled for the indicated crimes can not be volunteers. Spanish Law 45/2015 on Volunteering.


You must register through the access form available in your company.